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The Glen HSA was formerly known RED HSA (also known as REACH•RED•RISe Moms) which strived to provide students with several year-round activities which include the annual music program, books, seasonal festivals, learning experiences, crafts, sport events, social gatherings and information sessions for parents, and the annual gift for the school to benefit the next generations of children.  


For more than 20 years, until June 2017, we only had two programs for children, the RED and the RISe programs which have been offering a comprehensive educational experience for the preschool disabled student in four major areas of development: Social Skills, Motor Skills, Cognitive Skills, and Communication Skills.


On September of 2017 we welcomed to our school the first class of a third new program: REACH. This program aims to develop the child by providing educational experiences on cognitive, communication, social/emotional, and physical areas that prepare children for kindergarten.


RED HSA continued working for the children in the RED and RISe programs and opened the activities for all the children in the school, since then, we are not only RED Moms, but REACH, RED and RISe Moms, working together for all our children.

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